At Rosemary Kennedy Elementary School every student without exception and without excuse will be proficient or advanced in Reading, Language Arts, Math, and Science.


Rosemary Kennedy Elementary School is committed to creating limitless opportunities for the future by ensuring academic success today:


  • As staff members of Rosemary Kennedy, we are committed to collaborating with one another in a variety of ways. We understand that the greatest academic and social gains for our students come as result of quality instruction from the classroom teacher and highly effective measures of collaboration among team members. RMK staff members work interdependently with their teams in many ways. The following are examples of individual commitments that we are all willing to make as we collaborate as a staff:
  • Clarity of Purpose:
    We remain driven by our one goal to ensure student achievement.
  • Respectful of Time:
    Ensure that set deadlines for grade level materials are always met. Each member is prompt to a meeting.
  • Grade Level/ Staff Meetings/ Staff Development/ Grade Level Articulation:
    Team Professionals will focus on student achievement for all students in an effective, efficient, and respectful way.
  • Professional Growth:
    All members are open to learning new methods, ideas, and strategies. Each team member brings their own strategies and others are willing to try new things.
  • Building Strong Professional Relationships:
    RMK team members will act as professionals with candid, honest, and respectful communication

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