AP, Honors, and Avid Summer Work 2015 - 2016


AP Summer Work

AP Biology

  • AP Calculus AB

  • AB Calculus Sumer Work

    AP Calculus BC

  • BC Summer Work

    AP Chemistry

  • AP Chemistry - Escalona Summer Work

    AP English

  • AP English Language and Composition Summer Work
  • AP English Literature Summer Work 

    AP Environmental Science

  • AP Environmental Science Student Letter
  • AP Environmental Science Suggest Reading List
  • AP Environmental Science Summer Work

    AP Economics

  • AP Economics Summer Work

    AP French

  • AP French Summer Work
  • AP Watching and Listening Log
  • AP Vocab Log

    AP Spanish Language

  • AP Spanish Language Summer Work

    AP Spanish Literature

  • AP Spanish Literature Summer Work

    AP Studio Arts

  • Need to complete 5 works of art during the summer.


    Honors Summer Work

    Algebra 2 Honors

  • Algebra 2H - Stip Summer Work
  • Algebra 2 Workbook Pages

    English Honors

  • English 1H Summer Work

  • English 2H Summer Work Letter
  • English 2H Summer Work Instructions
  • English 2H Summer Work Response to Literature
  • English 2H Summer Work Response to Literature Scoring Rubric

  • English 3H Summer Work

    Trigonometry-PreCalculus Honours Documents

  • Precalculus_Honours_Summer_Work_Introduction_[READ_ME_FIRST]


    AVID Summer Work

  • Summer Work for incoming AVID 10
  • Summer Work for incoming AVID 11
  • Community Service Log for Juniors
  • Summer Work for incoming AVID 12
  • Community Service Log for Juniors/Seniors


    Summer Work Resources

    MLA Resources

  • Basic Formatting
  • Formatting Quotations
  • How to cite in-text
  • How to prepare a Works Cited page


    Writing Tips

  • Academic Writing
  • Conciseness or "how to get to the point"
  • Sentence Variety
  • Email Etiquette (When you need to email your teacher a question )