AP, Honors, and Avid Summer Work 2013 - 2014

AP Summer Work

AP Biology

AP Biology Summer Work

AP Calculus AB
Summer Invitation AB
Chapter 1 Assignments
Trig Review

AP Calculus BC
Summer Invitation BC
Chapter 1 Assignments
Trig Review
Chapter 2 Assignments
Graphing Calculator Summer Packet

Any questions concerning AP Calculus please contact Mrs. Stip at connie.stip@alvord.k12.ca.us

AP Chemistry

AP Chemistry - Escalona Summer Work

AP English

AP English Language and Composition Summer Work
AP English Literature Summer Work 

AP Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science Suggest Reading List
AP Environmental Science Summer Work

AP European History

AP European History Summerwork

AP Macroeconomics and AP Microeconomics

· Fall you will take AP Macroeconomics

· Spring you will take AP Microeconomics

In May you will take TWO separate AP Econ exams = credit for two separate college econ courses.

No explicit assignments are required although I highly recommend the following:

Regularly log-on to the Economist Magazine – the world’s finest news source for unbiased news on business, finance, markets, and more – to familiarize yourself with economics. Read articles that interest you; learn the “economic perspective” (how to read, write, and speak the language of economics) and develop some background understanding of the economy, markets, current world events, and neat things. This can be invaluable in providing interesting real-world context to offset some of the more “dry” parts of the course.

From home, log-on to: www.economist.com
Log-In Name: rdubose@alvord.k12.ca.us
Password: lshslibrary

AP Spanish Language

AP Spanish Language Summer Work

AP Spanish Literature

AP Spanish Literature Summer Work


Honors Summer Work

Algebra 2 Honors

Algebra 2H - Stip Summer Work
Algebra 2 Workbook Pages

English Honors

English 1H Summer Work

English 2H Summer Work Letter
English 2H Tipping Point Reading and Writing Assignment
English 2H Tipping Point Reading and Writing Rubric
English 2H Tipping Point Vocabulary Assignment

English 3H Summer Reading
Junior Independent Reading List

Trigonometry-PreCalculus Honours Documents

Precalculus Honours Summer-Work Word Problems
Precalculus_Honours_Summer Work_Document_1
Precalculus_Honours_Summer Work_Document_2
Precalculus_Honours_Summer Work_Document_3
Precalculus_Honours_Summer Work_Document_4
Precalculus_Honours_Summer Work_Document_5
Precalculus_Honours_Summer Work_Document_6
Precalculus_Honours_Summer Work_Document_7

AVID Summer Work

Summer Work for incoming AVID 10

Summer Work for incoming AVID 11
Community Service Log

Summer Work for incoming AVID 12
Rubric for the University Brochure